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Does your equipment violate the rules of shipment or transportation?

The equipment is free to be transfered, sent, forwarded, bought and sold. It is impossible to prove that you have intentions to committing a crime until you admit it yourself.We are a leading firm in providing quality and value to our customers. Each member of our team has at least 5 years of legal experience. We like what we do.
Will there be any problems at receiving the parcel?
No one can prove anything until you tell them what the equipment is for. But the main thing is that parcels are scanned only at the time of customs clearance, which is not intended to detect "such equipment", but for completely different purposes, such as calculating commercial shipments, weapons, money, prohibited substances, etc. All parcels shipped from us are additionally issued as a "personal gift". There is a special field for this mark in customs documents.
Individual Approach
We know what kind of product we are sending, so we pack each parcel in the most voluminous and dense material, so that the magnetic field does not exceed the permissible characteristics outside the package. You have nothing to worry about.
Can a parcel sent from Russia reach another country?
Yes. Our shipments always have an international tracking number, Shipments can be tracked on the territory of both countries in the absolute majority of cases. Only 4 cases of losing the parcel were faced during all this time. This sounds strange, but it is a real fact and in each of these cases we sent a new parcel. It was, although, only after receiving the official response about the loss of the parcel. Don't try to manipulate us, we are very experienced.
What about customs? Do we need to do customs clearance?
10 years of experience in sending parcels shows that we know all the nuances on how to properly issue customs declarations: magnetic detachers are issued as Magnets (according to documents), magnets are not prohibited for international shipment; special detachers (hooks, pataco, Agon) are issued as "metal details"; fabric is always issued simply as "fabric"; jammers disguised in PowerBank are issued as PowerBanks recorded with a minimum cost of $15.


What payment methods do you accept?

It depends on what country you are in. I can accept money to an account of one of the European banks in Euros (using swift IBAN) from the European currency area. I have a virtual account in the UK (UK sport code). I use the bitcoin system. And of course the simplest methods are Western Union, RIA, Moneygram.
How does the ordering process happen?
As briefly as possible: 1. tell us what product you need and where you are. 2. I give you all the payment details. 3. transfer money to my account. 4. provide address information to which I will send the parcel. 5. wait no more than a day and get the parcel number. 6. track it through the site. 7. wait for the parcel. 8. receive the parcel. 9. be happy with the result.
Why don't you use PayPal?
All possible passport data has been used long time ago (mine, my employees, my relatives). We no longer have people who can create an account in this payment system. All of them are already stained with links to the subject of our product and business line. Some were blocked by tricky customers who tried return money after receiving the product. Some were blocked due to receiving money from too many different people. Some of them were blocked for reasons of direct connection with my site.
I want to buy a large consignment of equipment, can I get a discount?
Yes, this is normal. I always make advances to wholesale customers. I also try to significantly reduce prices for those who are engaged in system resale. However, this is not a reason to get a significant discount on the first order (for verification).
What about customs? Do we need to do customs clearance?
10 years of experience in sending parcels shows that we know all the nuances on how to properly issue customs declarations: magnetic detachers are issued as Magnets (according to documents), magnets are not prohibited for international shipment; special detachers (hooks, pataco, Agon) are issued as "metal details"; fabric is always issued simply as "fabric"; jammers disguised in PowerBank are issued as PowerBanks recorded with a minimum cost of $15.


What is the detacher smeared with? Does it get dirty? Why do we need an iron stripe around magnets?
The material that fills the voids among the magnets is a special glue. After hardening, it is becomes solid as a stone and does not get dirty at all. And since this is a magnetic system, and the magnets are compressed very strongly among each other – we need the maximum fixation. Otherwise, if the detacher falls on the floor, one of the broken magnets can really hurt you. This is the maximum. At least, the detacher will stop working properly after this.
Can the detacher break something?
Modern plastic cards work on a chip system. Short-term exposure will not damage the chip's performance in any way. I recommend you to take care of your phone. Parts that can be severely damaged - the vibration motor and speakers.
How do I choose the detacher I need? There are several types of them. How do they differ?
Go to the information section and read the article "about differences between tags and detachers". Also study the description of each of the detachers.
I bought the detacher from another seller and it doesn't open some tags. Can you guarantee that your product will be able to do this?
If I get real photos of tags that you couldn't open, I'm most likely to tell you what kind of equipment you need. If I have such technologies, then I will give you a guarantee of the effectiveness of my equipment.
Is it a crime if I remove the tag in the store, but do not steal anything? Just remove it and leave it inside the store?
No, there is nothing criminal in the use of the detacher itself until you have taken the tag or the product out of the store.


How do I transport an equipment on a plane?
Magnets are not allowed to be carried in hand luggage, but I have heard many reviews that they are not paid much attention to when they are screened in hand luggage. Jammers in PowerBank are not allowed to be carried in baggage, only in hand luggage. If you put the jammer in your baggage( not hand luggage), you will most likely lose it. Take a normal phone charging wire, insert it into the device, wind the rest of the cord on the device, and if you have questions, you can immediately demonstrate that this is your working portable phone battery. Fabrics and non-magnetic detachers are not restricted to transportation in any way.
What's the best way to carry magnetic detachers: a pocket or a bag?
The perfect place to carry it is by attaching it to some metal part located on you. The detacher will be firmly fixed and will not be magnetized to other objects. Wear the detachers with the powerful side facing the body, so as not to become magnetized to the surrounding objects. The belt buckle on the inside is the best place as well as very secretive in the case of a personal search.


Why do you need jammers or fabric if you can just remove the tag from the product using a detacher?
Recall the process itself: what should you do if you have a detacher? Take the item, take it to a place where there are no cameras, remove the sensor, find all the hidden tags, get rid of the tags and the sensor. Do you see the amount of actions? You can attract additional attention to yourself at each step of these actions. In a bad case - you have a detaching tool that will be easily detected during personal inspection. Now imagine that you can go into a store that doesn't have any sensors or gates. Will you go to the fitting room? Do you need to get rid of something? The jammer is disguised in PowerBank and the fabric is sewn under the lining of your bag. Your task is to carefully pack up and go out. Feel the difference?
Why do I need to know all this information about AM and RF?
If you are asking this question, I believe that you do not need to know anything. Just take a stick-digger and continue to dig a hole looking at the excavator standing next to you as something too complicated to start trying to figure out how it works.
How to make a simple foil booster bag?
Ask Google, use the search settings, learn to search for information yourself. This is very important in the modern world.
Can I buy a ready-made bag with your fabric?
Yes, we often make bags of the required size. We are also able to embroider fabric in almost any bag or backpack as efficiently and discreetly as possible. Read the article about this in the information section.
Is there any warranty for your devices?
Necessarily. I conduct each sale personally and always ask you about the exact tasks of the purchased equipment. And if the device is broken or out of working condition, in this case there is an effective warranty period: for jammers is 1 year (adequately, because in the event of a fault it is beneficial to identify the problem in order to repair the smaller devices), detachers are under the 6 months warranty.


How do you sell all this? Are you being harassed by the police or anti-theft companies? Is it legal?
Absolutely everything we sell does not violate the laws of the Russian Federation and other countries, the rules of turnover and shipment. I will specify: magnetic detachers are just magnets, the specification of the detacher is not described or detailed in any of the laws, regulations, acts, etc. Fabric: well, these are just fabrics with different characteristics, no different from ordinary fabrics. Jammers, electronic devices: Jammers are classified as "low-frequency or high-frequency signal generators", the jammers do not touch the forbidden frequency ranges, and do not exceed the power limit... Who will know that your Powerbank is more than a regular PowerBank?
We are afraid of fraud, is it possible to pick up in person?
We are located in Vologda, 450 km North of Moscow or 700 km East of Saint Petersburg. We are very open people and always welcome guests. We are willing to show, tell, demonstrate. But all this is a huge expense of your time and money. I recommend you to study the section "About us" and the entire site as fully as possible. Your doubts will disappear. Sometimes I go to Europe, but it is very difficult to allocate time for meetings, because I arrive for clearly set tasks - complete them and return.
Where can I read more information about the practical application?
I'm not in favor of teaching children how to break the law, so I try to post information as discreetly as possible on my site. I strive to help those who came to this direction in real need in case of loss of other sources - to ensure a life at an adequate level of consumption. But I can tell you... if you go to our telegram channel, you can laugh heartily and maybe find something practical from the stories of subscribers. Enter Telegram @spizdili in the search (unfortunately this is a Russian-language channel, I hope we will become multilingual over time).
How to assemble a detacher, jammer, and where to buy such a fabric?
I do not disclose most of the secrets - these are my inventions, this is my knowledge and my development. If every time I developed and invented something I would publish everywhere for the sake of hype, I would have never been able to invest a significant part of the profit in subsequent developments. Therefore you would not have the opportunity to buy high-quality fabric (which you had to choose from dozens of types yourself) or unique special detachers. Reliable jammers for modern anti-theft gates would never be created. And you would not have a single chance of getting huge amounts of information in one place, since this is a lot of work to compile, improve and priceless archives of everything related to shoplifting.
Why are some of your videos deleted or unavailable. Is the store CLOSED???
Over the years, Youtube has banned about 20 full-fledged channels with all the videos. They constantly delete individual videos or demonstrations of equipment that cause reputational damage from declining sales due to complaints from anti-theft companies. This will always continue but it does not mean that we are not active. Quite the contrary. We will upload videos again and again trying to show you the effectiveness of the equipment.
Are you just a reseller of someone's goods? When and how did it all start?
Most of what you see on the site was originally invented by me for myself, improved and developed for my own personal safety as I have been using almost the entire range of my inventions for many years. All equipment is manual labor and a lot of experiments that lead to their creation.
Why do I always send people, who contact me, to my site?
Not all of them, but only those in whose questions and communication I see total ignorance of the topic (theoretical and practical parts). The site is not just an "Advertising showcase'. It was created in the process of communicating with people, customers, etc. It was CREATED for ONLY ONE REASON: to minimize communication + at the same time - improve the quality of answers to your questions that are repeated systematically. I can't answer some questions better than I did on the site in live, voice, keyboard-based communication. Why? When I design a page on a site, I sometimes spend several days or hours on writing the text; then edit it several times later and bring it to perfection. Your task is only to read and study it carefully, using your head, logic, and intelligence. I do not expect that it will be read by schoolchildren... So in some cases you will have to Think.
Where and how best to leave a review on equipment or information?
Choose by yourself. Each article has the ability to be commented. I will be very happy and I like each review as I do it as for myself.
For many years I have always been in touch. You can use any of the available ways to contact me.
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